Automatically remind clients when invoices are due

Updated 2 years ago by Stuart Balcombe

 Never forget to follow up when an invoice becomes overdue. 

With Sail you can send friendly reminders to prompt your clients to pay. Automated reminders are great for saving time and putting your billing on autopilot.

Note: By default reminder notifications sent to clients are disabled. To turn them on navigate to Notification Preferences in the Studio Settings tab.

How can I see if my client received their invoice?

Invoices can go unpaid for many reasons:

  • Lost in a clients inbox.
  • Pushed to the bottom of a todo list.
  • The company card was unavailable when the invoice was received.

Sail makes it easy for clients to pay invoices but we will also send you a notification when your client views their invoice so you can follow up and make sure everything is proceeding as discussed.

How many reminders will you send?

We will send 2 reminders to all invoice recipients.

The first 24 hours after the invoice due date has passed and then again 7 days later if the invoice is still unpaid.

Your invoice is past due
Your invoice is past due

7 Days Overdue
Your invoice is 7 days overdue

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