Schedule a payment

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It's easy to schedule payments to be charged as soon invoices become due. You can choose to schedule payments as soon as a client saves their card on file.

Schedule a date for your invoice to be paid

It's easy to schedule a date to get paid. When you are creating an invoice for a client who has saved their card on file, you will see the option to schedule a payment as soon as the invoice becomes due.

We recommend scheduling payments whenever the option is available. Scheduled payments make it much easier for the client to pay you. Note that as the client will be charged automatically it's important to set expectations with them ahead of time to avoid any surprises. Here's an example preview message for a scheduled invoice. You can add a personal message to the invoice too.

What will my client see?

You can always preview a client invoice by selecting "View Client Invoice" in the More Options menu. When an invoice is scheduled to be charged the default payment method is shown with the option to pay ahead of schedule. If a client wishes to change the payment method to be charged they can do that here too.

Scheduled Payments
Auto-bill clients with saved payment methods.

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