Sail Financial Kickstart Program

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With the Sail Financial Kickstart Program, we'll help you get a handle on the financial aspects of your freelance business – from pricing your services, to creating better payment terms with your clients, to managing your freelance income.

By the end of the program, here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • The best practices for onboarding new clients we’ve developed from working on hundreds of projects.

  • A clear process for structuring your client relationships in a way that benefits your cash flow.

  • Actionable advice on pricing as it relates to your take-home pay.

  • A complete hands-on walk through of how to use Sail to gain control of your freelance project finances.

  • Up to five (5) hours of dedicated time from me (Stuart, your success partner).

If you're interested in joining the program we currently have a limited number of spots available. Send me an email, with a quick summary of you and your business.

Financial Kickstart Program

Kick off (45 minutes)
What will we discuss?- Your existing process for getting paid and tracking income.

 - Your business goals.

- Best practices for using Sail to improve your payment process.
What will you take away?- We both leave the call with a clear measure of success.

 - You should have a clear understanding of how Sail works and how it fits in your workflow.

 - We will schedule an “Onboard clients for frictionless payments” call for the following week.  

Onboarding clients for frictionless payments (30 minutes)
What will we discuss?- - How to onboard a client using Sail.

- Any outstanding questions you may have.
What will you take away?- A clear understanding of how to set projects up for success.

- Ready to use Sail to onboard new clients.

- Scheduled “Understanding your income and profitability” call

Understanding your income and profitability (45 minutes)
What will we discuss?- Walk through the entire lifecycle of  project, focused on projecting your income.

- Discuss how to calculate your real take-home pay for a project. Taxes and expenses included.
What will you take away?- You’ll feel in control of billing your clients. 

- A clear understanding of your tax liability and how to project future income.

Success Check In (30 minutes)
What will we discuss?
- Walk through any outstanding product or strategy questions.

- Review potential updates to your processes.
What will you take away?- You will feel confident using Sail to add clients, request payments and understand your income.

- We will walk through all the resources available going forward to make sure you always have the support you need to crush your goals.

After the program

After completing our Kickstart program, we will do our best to ensure you have the resources and information you need to succeed as an independent creative with Sail:

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