Setting up your Sail profile

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Tired of sending boring PDF invoices and having to manually keep track of their status? Bring your client payments into the digital age with Sail payments profiles.

How to setup your profile…

Go to Settings

Settings navigation

Click the avatar in the top bar and select Business Settings from the dropdown menu.

The basics

Start filing out your basic info! Here’s what you’ll want to add:

  • Logo - Add a personal touch to your payments by adding your company logo. If you don't have a logo, why not add a profile picture. (For best results use a square image).

  • Business name - Will be used on payment pages and all invoice receipts.

  • Primary contact email - The reply to email used in all client communication.

  • Business address - Shown on invoice receipts.

Your business name and contact email are taken from your account information by default.

Click the blue button to save your progress and continue on.

Enable online payments

Allow your clients to pay online! In order to accept online payments, you’ll need to provide some information to help verify your identity in the payment preferences tab.

Click the "Complete Setup" button to get started.

Accept online payment with Sail

You will be brought to a page prompting you to create a Sail payments account. We use industry leader Stripe to process payments, you can read more about them here.  Add the information requested to complete your account setup.

Configure your Sail payments account

The final step to accept payments with Sail is to connect the bank account where you would like to receive payouts. Sail will send available funds to your account on a Daily — 2 day rolling basis.

Connect a bank account to accept payments

Once this step is complete you will see your account in the "Connected Accounts" tab.

Payment Options

Customize the payment experience your clients receive!

Customize payment options

Default payment options

The accepted payment options will default to...

  • Bank Transfers (ACH) - Clients can pay easily using their online banking login (no account or routing numbers needed). Payments made by bank transfer also have a maximum transaction fee of $5.
  • Credit/Debit Cards - The most commonly accepted form of online payment carrying a 3% processing fee.
We recommend using Bank Transfers to reduce processing fees and save payment methods on file for easy billing at a later date.

To accept payments using any other method, you can select "Offline Payment" and provide specific instructions for how your clients can pay. You'll be able to mark requests as paid in your Sail account once you receive payment.

Payment notifications

By default we will...

  • Notify you when a successful payment is made.
  • Send a summary of all outstanding and overdue payments each morning.
  • Send payment receipts to your clients.

You can also choose to...

  • Send overdue reminders to clients 24 hours and again 7 days after a payment has become due.

The last step to getting started is to request your first payment from a client. If you’re not ready to request a payment just yet that’s okay too. You can always add you clients to Sail using their name and email address ready for easy billing later.

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!

Not using Sail yet? Get your free account here.

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